The Origin and Evolution of The Gamer Hive.

Myself (Dash__Rendar_) and Skwatinnevil1974 are the founders of The Gamer Hive, a growing international gaming community founded on the basic principles of making friends and having fun! It really is as straightforward as that, after all playing video games is supposed to be fun, right?

As friends and gamers for over 30 years – we first cut their teeth in gaming with the mighty Commodore 64 – this was serious business!! with some unforgettable games such as The Last Ninja series, The Way of the Exploding Fist, Bubble Bobble, Prince of Persia and not forgetting the joystick breaking Summer Games and Daley Thompsons super test! The 1980s was time of buying your games on cassette, waiting for 45 minutes of loading time, only to find the c64 had crashed and you had to start all over again, however the playability of these early games has seldom been repeated.
Onto the birth of the console generation – with Skwatinnevil owning a Sega Megadrive and I only managing to get a measly Sega Master System, it once again forged a friendship built around video games. With Sega breaking boundaries with their Megadrive cartridge console, with games like Pitfighter (with digitized fighters) and Mortal Kombat pushing the beat-em-up genre, Outrun and Chase HQ were superb racing sims. The outstanding and very difficult Ecco the Dolphin, with its cryptic clues and labyrinth like underwater worlds, even time travel brought into the mix – we were amongst some of the first players to complete this master puzzler of a game in the UK.

Then of course, Sony had other ideas for the video game industry, graphics and stories were pushed to new limits. Resident Evil – the original horror survival game which spawned numerous sequels and movies, Tekken which eclipsed all other beat-em-ups. Gran Turismo brought new realism and customisation to racing sims. First person shooters began to be improved and developed into new formats and ideas – which leads us nicely to online gaming!

One thing remained constant throughout this evolution of gaming, Myself and Skwatinnevil enjoyed playing all types of video games (obviously) but what we wanted and envisaged was to be able to build a community or a collective of like minded people to enjoy these new multi-player games with. Having been part of clans separately before (skwatinnevil in a call of duty clan and myself in a Destiny Clan) we wanted to create an environment which did not have the hate that can often be found in gaming communities, a new type of community which exists only to benefit its members, a community that allows players to game together regardless of the gaming choice.

That’s when the idea of The Gamer Hive became a reality, now it is actively recruiting people who are looking for a clan/group/community where they feel welcome, where members pro-actively try to help each other with different aspects of gaming. It is because of the members attitudes to each other that The Gamer Hive is also a social community, with a few non-gamer members joining to participate in some of the more relaxed social events (a regular quiz night) and plenty of pointless chit chat and bad jokes!
Our team grew by one more with our Dutch friend Shadikiller. Shadikiller is a very talented web and graphic designer and is responsible for our beautiful website, a natural ‘techy’ he has been instrumental in improving our discord server and integrating systems and announcements to benefit our HIVE. I’ve heard from members that he’s not to shabby at Call of Duty also! Shadikiller has the role of Hive Manager and helps to keep our HIVE the friendly and social space that has earned us our good reputation.
We are still looking for new members to join our HIVE, we would love to populate more gaming channels and provide a platform for our members to promote themselves and their skills. Our Discord Server is very active and adaptable to our members needs. We look forward to seeing you in game!

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