Super Smash Bros. Ultimate release date is December 7

Nintendo’s E3 showcase focused heavily on the return of one of its hit series: Super Smash Bros Ultimate has landed. The main takeaway is that all fighters that have ever appeared in the series are now back. That includes the return of outsiders like Solid Snake (ten years since he last appeared in Smash Bros.) and, well, over 60 characters total. Just think of the (completely compatible) Amiibo collection. Nintendo took a deep dive on the roster, outlining how each character has gradually evolved for Ultimate.

Including different character skins, new special attacks and more emotion from the characters. Whether your a newbie or seasoned player I’m sure everyone will be developing a new play style.

Some characters will have gauges visible on screen to improve strategic play, while others, like Ike have multiple voice options. The game itself has gone through numerous changes. This includes players receiving penalties for excessive dodging and a new ‘perfect shield’ technique to keep gameplay dynamic.

There’s new characters too, including Inkling (more ink on your rival will increase damage) and Princess Daisy, who is an ‘echo’ version of Peach. While the moveset is largely the same, there will be slight differences that players will have to get used to. We are expecting further character reveals before the game lands on December 7th.


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