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Mental health and wellbeing is a topic that is more common today than it has ever been in terms of regular discussion. What used to be a very misunderstood area of health is finally being given the attention that it deserves. At the Gamer Hive, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive community with lots of places to discuss any issues. With this in mind, June is our mental health support month
titled “All Together”.


Whats is all about?

Here at the Hive, we have been brought together through a mutual love of one thing – gaming. We all have different backgrounds, we have all walked very different paths in life, and we have all had to face different challenges along the way. For all of our differences, gaming has managed to bring us all together.

As such a tight-knit community, we want to offer as much support as we can to those who may be experiencing any difficulties relating to mental health. As such, “All Together” was born. Hive Manager Assassin of Madness came up with
the idea for this support event and how people can help over the course of the month. When asked what was the motivation behind the event, Assassin said, “My best friend was a very skilled gamer who committed suicide and unfortunately never shared his feelings with friends or family. With my own mental health, I work to be accepted so I’m hoping this event will raise awareness”.

It is estimated that 1 in 4 people will at some point experience a mental health problem, which means it is safe to say that someone you know may be struggling with mental illness. Because of this, it is important to make everyone feel comfortable that they have a space where these issues can be spoken about. Speaking further on the event, Assassin said, “We are hoping to create a network of support so anyone with mental health issues feels empowered to speak up without fear of being judged. We have a network of friends here who are happy to provide support”.


How will it work?

Over the course of the month, the event will focus on different areas of mental health. The first week of June will specifically be about mental health issues, the different ways in which these can manifest, and the different variations of mental health problems. The theme for week two will be support. This will focus on providing advice and highlighting the many different options available for help. Week three is where we will explore our community, and how we can work together to provide ongoing help and support to our members.

The remainder of June will see Hive streamers come together to promote the topic and carry out various gaming challenges. During this time we will come together to support the streams and watch the challenges play out with enthusiasm.

For the month, the Gamer Hive discord server will open up a new channel dedicated to this event where everyone can engage in discussion. This channel will contain lots of helpful information and links concerned with mental health and serve as a central place for people to talk and provide support.

Gaming & Mental Wellbeing

Last week, the World Health Organisation officially recognised “Gaming Disorder” as a disease. This news has created lots of discussion about whether this is fair or necessary. It’s no secret that video games can be addictive, and it is certainly more of an issue when video games start to take priority over other responsibilities. The biggest issue within this discussion is that few official outlets talk about the positives that gaming can have, and how it can help with a variety of mental health issues.

A study done by East Carolina University suggests that playing 30 minutes of video games per day can treat anxiety and depression at a level that rivals prescription medication. Speaking from experience as someone who has suffered with depression, video games helped in a way that is hard to measure. Gaming allowed me a break from the constant struggle against my own brain. I was able to transport myself into many wonderful worlds and actually have fun, something that was hard to do at the time.

Gaming also brings people together to socialize and play cooperatively. Many people suffer from social anxiety issues that can impact their people skills. Over time, gaming has become an increasingly social experience. Gaming makes it easier to meet new people and create friendships because you know that you have shared interests in video games.

We Are “All Together”

Mental health and general wellbeing are important aspects of our lives to be considerate of, and tha
t is the inspiration for this support month. At the Gamer Hive, we want our community to feel included, supported, and among understanding friends. We encourage all of you to get involved with the various activities throughout the month and hope you all see the benefits that this event will hopefully bring.

If you find yourself struggling with mental health issues, no matter how big or small they may seem, it is important to find a way to acknowledge and approach these issues. You can come to any of us in the Hive in confidence and we will help any way we can. You can also visit for advice and helpful information.

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