Welcome to the the latest member profile, this time we are featuring one of our Destiny Channel Leaders -Cookiezlovah. As one of our community leaders at our fantastic gaming community, Cookiezlovah maintains a presence in the Destiny channel and is on hand to offer help in game or within our busy Discord Server.

My name is Markus, I’m 23 and i live in Denmark (EU). I live with my girlfriend and daughter, besides gaming my passion is food. I work as a chef at a highly sought restaurant called Fishmarket. Check out my Instagram.
My gaming passion started gaming back when i was 7 or 8 when World of Warcraft started emerging and i played that up untill i was about 19, my pc broke down and i decided to try my luck with console. I enjoy playing Destiny a lot! I also play fortnite and from time to time I enjoy beating myself up trying to conquer the worlds of Dark souls. My gaming setup is a Ps4 pro, 4k, 65inch tv and i use Steelseries H wireless headphones. I have a Very wide knowledge when it comes to gaming, all different kinds of games and especially Destiny (both 1 and 2) so always feel free to ask questions!
The Gamer Hive is a global gaming community primarily populated by PS4 players but we welcome gamers from all platforms. We also welcome non-gamers to our community and regularly host social events such as quiz nights within our busy discord server. We currently support Call of Duty, Destiny 2 and Fortnite but are open to supporting more games should our community desire. If your looking for a friendly and social community to join then please join our Discord.

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