Welcome to our brand new event launched as part of our first anniversary celebrations. Our brand new gamer league event is a free to enter year long event. It will pitch Gamer against Gamer across a variety of different games and “special events”throughout this first 2019/20 season.
The basic setup will be a two week challenge event every month where gamers will compete for best score/time/result. This will be in a specific challenge that will be detailed before each event. You will have 2 weeks to try to achieve your best effort but you can only submit 1 entry per event. The entries will be sent to and validated by Dash.  The results and league table will be published on our website along with details of the next event and start date.


Horse riding on RDR2
The games will be pulled from the popular games currently being played and from the PS Plus back catalogue so the will be lots of opportunity to earn points. In order to keep the league interesting and competitive we will be including “special surprise events” with catch up mechanics (a but like double xp) where players can have the opportunity to earn bonus points and close in on the leaders. Watch out for “flash events’ which could have at any time and may not necessarily be game related!
We have some excellent Gamer Hive merch for the top 3 gamers at the end of the season and a Gamer Hive Wooden Spoon for the bottom participating gamer!
The Overall winner will be in line for a special prize – details to be confirmed!!

Our league will begin in February and the first event is scheduled to start on the 11th of February – details will be annouced in our discord server and the website. Everyone is free to join and take part and there will be plenty of opportunities to win points for late starters!!!

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