This month The Gamer Hive will be focusing on Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 has had its fair share of issues since its record breaking launch last year. Following of from the original game which took. almost 3 years to find its groove, we will look at how Destiny 2 aims to set the correct path and start building on this excellent franchise.

During the month of May, we at the Gamer Hive will be taking a closer look at Destiny 2 from its launch in 2017 through to the upcoming release of its latest DLC – The Warmind, due on May 8th. We will look at its problems and what has been fixed and also some of the upcoming changes aimed at winning back player confidence. If your a fan of the Destiny franchise then make sure to follow our blog throughout May for our opinions, reviews and videos.

Join us at The Gamer Hive and enjoy this game from within a friendly and social environment where you will not be judged on your light level or ELO, but where you will find like minded players who consider having fun as their primary aim.

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See you star side GuardiansĀ 

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