No – its no April Fool! Blizzard’s top rated title Overwatch has earned the accolade of Gamer Hive Game of the Month for April. With a healthy release schedule of content and a thriving player population. A high-octane PVP experience. Overwatch has cemented its status as one of the must have PVP games available today. Overwatch boasts 8 different game modes which even new players will be familiair with, such as Control and Team Deathmatch aswell as a free for all mode.  The battles take place in a wide variety of maps and locations. Would you like to know more? Then choose your Hero…..

Before you begin a game of Overwatch, you’ll need to choose a hero to play.

Maybe controlling a cannon-toting, genetically-engineered ape from the moon appeals to you. Or, you might prefer zipping around as a teleporting, time-traveling freedom fighter. Who do you want to be?

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