Welcome to the the latest member profile, this time we have a long standing community stalwart and Manager of our Fortnite gaming community. DannyR2 one of our resident Twitch streamers and excellent Fortnite player. DannyR92 is an active contributor in our fortnite channel and is on hand to offer help in game or within our busy Discord Server.


About Me.

My name is Danny I’m 25 and I currently live in Morecambe after moving here from Manchester. I started gaming at a young age my first ever console I believe was the Sega Megadrive. From then I moved onto the Super NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) I think the first ever games I used to play was anything sport related like FIFA or PES or as it was known back then as International Superstar Soccer. A favourite of mine is Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64 I thought it was a brilliant game and I used to think the graphics and gameplay was amazing.
The consoles I now own are a PS4, Xbox One, PC, Wii, Nintendo GameCube and a PSP. I got interested in gaming because it was a great way to make friends online and play together. I’m not the biggest fan of playing on my own as it does get quite boring after a while.


I watch quite a lot of gaming Youtubers and after a while it got me thinking maybe if I try hard enough and work hard enough I can gain followers and if it goes well enough become a full time streamer. When I first started streaming I wasn’t the most confident so I wouldn’t even speak over my gameplay so I don’t think that help with the viewers. Then one day I just thought to myself if I don’t do it it’ll never happen so I tried talking and I’ve never had so much fun in my life. I loved the conversations in the chat and I think the viewers could tell I was having fun instead of just listening to the gameplay sounds.
The current game I’m really enjoying is Fortnite. I’m not going to lie when it first came out I thought here’s another PUBG game it’ll always be laggy but how wrong could I be. I know it still has its problems but for a free game you can’t complain and I think by the end of this year it’ll be one of the biggest games ever. I’m also a fan of FIFA as I’ve mentioned before I’ve played every single one of them that’s been brought out.
My main ambition is to gain as many followers/subscribers as I can by working hard on my Twitch channel. The games I’m looking forward to most are FIFA 19, The Last of Us 2, Spider-Man I’ve got quite a few that I can’t remember the name of!
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