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PSN – ThunderPhoenixUK
Twitter – @thunderphoenix

Hey everyone its your friendly neighbourhood ThunderPhoenix here i thought i would give everyone here at the Gamer Hive an insight into my history with video gaming and my background through the years! So Hey everyone my name is Alan im currently level 34 my yearly level up occurs on the 1st of June and i come from a little town situated in the North West of the United Kingdom called Liverpool.I work in QA and i feel today is the right day to tell people who dont know where i actually work, Twitter a few days ago was filled with people sharing their first jobs in the gaming industry using the Hashtag #MyFirstGamesJob and so its time to tell you mine it is Sony PlayStation where i started way back in 2005 and i continue to work to this current day. Besides gaming in my spare time i enjoy reading (Harry potter mostly) Music which varies depending usually on my mood so at any one point it could be cheesy 80s to Slayer and then some Backstreet boys thrown into the mix. I mentioned above im a huge Harry Potter fan and i represent Slytherin house (Pottermore test taken) im also a huge comic book fan and my top 3 of all time are Thor, Batman & Superman. So..consoles!!Well my first ever games console i owned was handed down to me from my dad which was the Atari 2600 which hosted a number of now arcade classic titles like Centipede,Space Invaders,Pong and many more i always remember those retro noises and music that the games made and that old school joystick with the two buttons.
Next for me came the Commodore 64 with its tapedeck,keyboard and selection of games that i will never forget these included New Zealand Story,Ghostbusters & Bubble Bobble followed then by the original Nintendo (NES) system and thats when gaming really did become something i became addicted to. I remember as a kid doing so many chores and being good at school just so at the end of the month i could get a new game and there were so many to choose from like the TMNT,Kirbys Adventure,Super Mario Brothers 3 & Tetris. Sticking with the Nintendo family then came the Gameboy and the introduction into handeld gaming and being able to play games like Tetris anywhere and everywhere and all that was was required was the power of 4 AA batteries which blew my mind at the time. A few years later i then made the switch over to the Sega Mega drive/Mega CD combination and a few more epic games like Desert Strike,Jungle Strike,Urban Strike,Road Rash,Streets of rage and many many more. The came the launch of what i consider one of the most iconic gaming consoles of all time the Sony PlayStation One, i still remember to this day wanting one so badly for christmas and then waking up that morning to see…no console……instead my parents made me wait until after christmas dinner to spring that surprise on me along with a copy of FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 and from there a legacy was created in my heart thats never left me since. There are so many PS1 games in my mind that deserve a mention and far too many to name but my personal 3 were Final Fantasy 7, Destruction Derby & Twisted Metal World Tour
After that came the usual suspects like the PlayStation 2,PSP,PlayStation 3,Xbox360 & PlayStation VITA of course the current Gen system the PlayStation 4. Right now my current batch of games you will find me playing are The Division 2, Destiny 2, F1 2018 and recently decided to return to FF 15 to try and beat the New Game +, I hope this has given you all a nice little insight into my gaming world and i look forward to gaming with many of you in the community in the near future i will drop my PSN below if you dont have me on your list then feel free to add me if ya like for now this is whiteagle signing out!

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