Welcome to the beginning of a regular blog feature that is dedicated to profiling one of our
community members. We want to create a platform for our members to introduce themselves and
give a little background into their gaming and gaming choices.
Our first member profile is for a long standing member of our HIVE, a member is who is very
supportive in our discord server and a regular contributor. He is an up and coming streamer on
Twitch and recently completed a 24hr stream to celebrate his birthday!

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Member The Gamer Hive

Hey, I’m thelittlestdodo (referred to as caso or dodo) and i’m a 17-year- old streamer from north Yorkshire in the UK.

I competed at a semi-professional standard at the age of 15 in StarCraft II.
I mainly play games that require quick paced reactions and thinking. I personally love streaming for the interaction and fun with viewers and are looking at streaming games where the viewers can play from the chat itself! I am a full-time college student that streams as often as possible.

Recently Call of Duty World War Two zombies took my attention. And in little over 3 weeks I knew everything about the map and was prestige 3.

My interest in gaming developed after I was diagnosed with several social disorders and needed something to keep my extremely active brain busy.
This made me turn to Real Time Strategy games.
I first heard of “Twitch” and this streaming idea from a friend who wanted to make it big. But sadly didn’t get very far and gave up. I have been an affiliate streamer for 5 months and a streamer for 1 ½ years (but taken it seriously for 6 months).
I pride myself on viewer interaction and even went to the extent of building a room inside my room just to stream. I’d love to make a living playing games at a
professional standard and by providing as high-quality content and entertainment as possible. I am currently making a discord server to create a place for my viewers to interact with me before, during and after streams, so keep your eyes peeled for that, if you would like to check out my channel then hop on over to twitch.tv/thelittlestdodo I’m open and willing to talk about almost everything!

PSN: CasoThePotato

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