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PSN – The_Fitnerd

Helllo all!
The_fitnerd here! My real name is Josh and I’m from Vancouver, Canada.
I’m 40 years old and have been gaming for 37 of those years, ever since my dad put a “Pong” controller in my hands.
Most of the games I play now are single-player roleplaying experiences, open world games are my favorites, but you’ll see me playing loot-shooters and other ARPGs such as Diablo. The one thing I’m guilty of is I’m kind of a Trophy collector on PS4. Over 40 Platinums so far and not sure why I like it, maybe because I have OCD and like to see a game fully completed before I move on to the next game. Not that I do this for EVERY game but mainly games I enjoy sinking my time in to. It’s a sickness really.
Other passions of mine excluding video games is the gym life! I love to train and hit the gym 4-6 days a week pending free time. I used to be a personal trainer and tried to create a niche of working to break the stereotype of “overweight-nerdy” gamers and my company I was going to create was FitNerd Training. However, never got the company off the ground and now I’m in the hospitality industry, which leads to me my next passion….


I Love food. Probably one reason I work in the hospitality industry now. Not only do I enjoy eating all types of different delicacies, I enjoy cooking it! I enjoy a nice drink with my food as well. Whether that be beer or a decent bottle of wine. I’m lucky enough to work in an extremely well-established restaurant in Vancouver where I get to meet some cool celebrities from time to time. Ron Perlman, Anthonie Mackie and John Cena to name a few. All stand up individuals I might add.
Anyway, I could blab on for a while here but let’s just sum it up with – I love food, video games and the gym. I love my fiancé as well but she would deserve a whole post

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