Welcome to the next installment of our regular blog feature that is dedicated to profiling one of our
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Our next member profile is for a long standing member of our HIVE, one of most generous people I have met and is selfless with his time and support. Silent93Hell is an awesome Call of Duty player and is the newest member to the HIVE admin team and recently agreed to take the role of HIVE CoD Leader. Silent93Hell will be promoting our CoD channel and organising activities and recruitment of new players! He is an excellent PVP player and has achieved acclaim in Counter strike, Call of Duty and The Division.







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HIVE CoD Leader

Yo everyone!

Its me silent93hell, my real name is Muhammad, On 11 march I will be 25 years old. I live in north of Iraq ( Kurdistan ), just to clarify few things about the place I live in: kurdistan is a home of more than 5 million people from different countries and multiple religions, it played a major role on taking care of refugees and victims from ISIS war, so no worries I mean no harm lol.

I have been playing video games since I was a kid, the day I played resident evil on ps1 almost caused me to shit myself lol ! but also made me love video games. I started playing on PC at age of 13 and got more into competitive games. I have played counter strike for countless hours, participated in many local tournaments and made so many friends, our clan was the best in Iraq. Unfortunately I had to quit due to personal circumstances. I took some time out for a break and went back to gaming on consoles, instead of playing competitive I was more into single player games. I enjoy games which have good graphics and story telling. My favorite games are, the last of us, god of war series, prince of persia series, CS, splinter cell series, resident evil series, final fantasy XV, battlefield1, CoD WaW, the division, dead space series and many others. I started my channel when I was playing blacklight retribution on PS4 to upload clan battles. Had some great times with the world’s best at this game. I quit that game and wanted to make my channel open to other games by uploading funny and epic gaming moments. I stream time to time and upload montages, and one day I will show these clips to my children lol.

PSN: Silent93Hell

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