Welcome to the beginning of a regular blog feature that is dedicated to profiling one of our
community members. We want to create a platform for our members to introduce themselves and
give a little background into their gaming and gaming choices.
Our first member profile is for a long standing member of our HIVE, a member is who is very
supportive in our discord server and a regular contributor. He is an up and coming streamer on
Twitch and recently completed a 24hr stream to celebrate his birthday!

Hello everyone!
My name is Mudkip.
Mudkips are my favorite pokemon. I am a girl gamer. Id rather be a girl who enjoys gaming than go to the mall and put on makeup. Ive been gaming for 7-8 years. I started gaming on a small good old Game Boy which I still have, then transferred over to the 3Ds and Playstation 2. After Playstation I transferred to Mac computers, until I figured out that those aren’t that good for gaming. The Mac computer I was using to play Steam games and Minecraft on was 4 years old. I then finally switch to Lenovo i7 Laptop so I can take it to school and do gaming/ art on it. Minecraft was one of the first games that got me into the gaming community. Back in Elementary school Minecraft seemed to be the #1 game that all my friends were playing, my best friend Sky123sl always enjoyed playing Minecraft with me, figuring out Redstone machines, creating cool houses, and castles and creating our own worlds with other friends. After Minecraft came Steam, the first game that I got on Steam was Dragons and Titans because I was obsessed with Dragons and today I still am with drawing them.
After playing that game, some friends introduced to CSGO, a game of hackers just like Minecraft. Last year, 2017, the #1 game that I kept hearing about was Overwatch that Activision Blizzard made other than World of Warcraft, my friend bothered me so much about getting the game, introducing me to each character. So after High School graduation when I had enough money, I bought the game in late July. After playing the game for 4 months, I really got into the game because of all the different kinds of hero’s to choose from, the cool new updates, the Game Art that goes behind the game itself, and every else about it. In Overwatch I currently main Hanzo (the bow guy, since I can pay attention to tick marks), DVA, a little Mercy if a support is needed in Competitive. Ive been to silver, bronze, and now gold in each season. “If your good with a bow in real life (Compound Bow), then your probably good with a bow in a video game,” that is what I keep telling myself. Now since Ive been playing Overwatch as my main game, I still enjoy going back to CSGO where I stay as a silver II for about a year or more now, just waiting to go up to Silver III. I also enjoy going back to Minecraft whenever I get bored of all games or I try out new ones like ARK (even though I have completely no idea of what to do), Portal 2 (just learning), Shell Shock Live (tank game), and more smaller games. My future gaming plans is to continue gaming even when Im in college working on my degree. Since I love art and Video Games why not combine both to get Game Art. Be a person that takes time into creating the art behind video games is my main goal. I love playing any game but I do have trouble learning how to set up a Broadcast station, I want to learn how to set one up but I feel like Im dumb as rock to do. So Ill do my best to keep learning about it. I am currently downloading Destiny 2 to try it out, Ive played on my friends Playstation. Im ready to see what new games will be released.!!!


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