Welcome to our regular blog feature that is dedicated to profiling one of our
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We want to create a platform for our members to introduce themselves and
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A member is who is very active in our discord server and an excellent member of our leadership team.


Community manager – Hive Discord

Yo Guys, It’s ya friendly Member Phantom here.
If you wan’t to hear my lushlessness voice to hear about me, I speak a little about myself on the Gamer Hive Podcast Episode 1 but for those who haven’t seen/heard it yet let me, let you into a little bit of my life.
So my real name is Luke but please call me Phantom when I’m playing games my real name feels weird. I’m 25 years old and have the best Birth date ever of 28th December, I’m from the UK, born in London but now live south of London.
Gaming for me started instantly, my dad played simple games like Mario and old SNES games, my brother was into gaming a lot, so we started on an old Atari system I can’t remember which, we played the SNES and the NES, we played the Nintendo 64 and then eventually we got the PS1 and that’s where it pretty much started me and my brother would spend hours upon hours on Sony Consoles over the years, inbetween we would try out new consoles like the Nintendo WII and the Nintendo Game Cube.
I was stuck into gaming that much, I branched out to the Nintendo Gameboy so I could play games on the go, which led into the GB Colour, the GB SP and the GB Advanced, I also remember playing the old Game Gear which held 8 batteries 4 each side and you was lucky to get 30-60mins of game play before the batteries died.
Currently, I am a PC player, #PCMasterRace , but I also have a PS4, I use the PC more and have a pretty big rig that I intend to make bigger an better. Fortnite is my go to game recently but I do play a lot of other games, such as Subnautica, Assassins Creed, Golf It, Taletail games… I love story driven games but I also love multiplayer games like survival games with friends.
I’d love to be a game tester as I love finding bugs in game, however, i think that ship has sailed for me but now it’s just I’d love to try out as many games as possible give them my own review and hopefully, through the GH Podcast share those reviews with you.
I am the community manager for the GH but please don’t feel you can’t talk to me, I’m pretty chill and will always be happy to answer your messages or try out a game.
Happy Gaming Guys and check out the Gamer Hive Podcast: Episode 1

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