Welcome back to our regular feature showcasing the most important party of our community – the members!

This time we are featuring one of our ‘non-gamer’ members who is still an integral part of our community and a regular voice in our chat channels. Our resident quiz master and whip cracker, and not forgetting my very good friend.

Over to you, Nev’s Wonder Woman.

Hello everyone, my name is Sharon … erm Nevs Wonder Woman. I am married to Skwattinevill for my sins. I’m not really a ‘gamer’ although I do like the odd game of Candy Crush Saga and have reached the dizzy heights of 2039. I originally joined ‘the Hive’ because I’m very nosey and wanted to know what was taking all Nevs attention on the Laptop. I soon became a sounding board for ideas ( and Nev’s PA as he hates typing )!! One of the idea’s for Hive bonding was running a Quiz Night – and that is where I have been most active within the Hive – unfortunately early Quiz’ have not attracted as many joiners as we first anticipated but we have had some fun.

I am hoping now the Hive Membership has grown that the next hive quiz will be much more subscribed to. I am always interested in hearing ideas for quiz topics and enjoy posing the questions. I used to whine about the PS4 and the amount of time Nev devotes to it , however it has been so nice to see the idea of the Hive Gaming Community (Dash and Nev’s ideals of a friendly community where your KDR means nothing , and support is available to all players) start to grow and flourish with the help of the other members. One thing I particularly like is the Hive Chat and Scrap Book – and all the crazy banter , the Hive is a great place to be and I find myself checking the Discord as often as my Facebook these days. The only thing I don’t like is the MEE6 Bot as it doesn’t like my emoji useage! 😉 If I can be of support in any way (even if it’s just my recipe for Victoria Cream Sponge you want) drop me a PM on Discord.

If you would like to learn more and meet our fantastic members then why not visit our discord group and join in the fun. The Gamer Hive are committed to making everyone feel welcome and at home. Gamer or non-gamer all are welcome.

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