Welcome to our regular blog feature that is dedicated to profiling one of our
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We want to create a platform for our members to introduce themselves and
give a little background into their gaming and gaming choices.

Our latest member profile is from our Canadian contingent.

A member is who is very active in our discord server and an excellent member of our leadership team.


Call of Duty Channel Leader – Hive Discord

Hey everyone Jitters_12 here, my real name is Austin and I’m from British Columbia, Canada. Im the Call of Duty Manager for The Hive, I’m 26 years old and have been a gamer since as long as I can remember.
In my downtime I’m usually outdoors hiking, exploring, hunting or camping. Living in an area that I am allows us to only be 15-30 minutes away from forestry and wildlife. My wife is a wedding photographer so we’re always looking for the next hidden exploration. I’m a huge fan of stand up, going to live concerts, playing hockey and football.
I think my first console was either the NES or the original Gameboy. I have been with The Hive for just under a year and it’s been great time. Lots has changed over that time period and many stories to tell. It’s been really nice being part of a caring and loving community that welcomes all who join.
It’s hard to say which are my favorite games growing up because there are so many to choose from but I can list a few. I would say I tend to play more First Person Shooters and Strategy games among the rest, growing up on Halo, 007, Star Wars Battlefront, Animal Crossing and Metroid.

My current set up is a PS4 Pro, 500G SSD hard drive and Samsung 4K monitor. At the moment my game of choice would have to be Black Ops 4, and I tend to try and stick to one game at a time and work on it. I’m hopping to get back into streaming eventually so if your interested in me getting handed to I’ll link my twitch below. That’s it for now. My door is always open so never hesitate to message me. 


The Gamer Hive or (The Hive) is an international Gaming community which welcomes passionate gamers looking regardless of ability. We offer a safe and friendly place to indulge your gaming passion and make new friends.



black ops 4

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