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PSN – AK_MadScientist

Hey Guys AK_MadScientist- here, my real name is Abbas Khan and I’m from Jalalabad, Afghanistan. I’m the Call of Duty Moderator at The Gamer Hive and have been gaming for a long time now.
I like visiting places, spending time with friends and studying and researching about new things in my free time. I am a big fan of Football(soccer not fighting football) UFC, Cricket, and Other Sports with my favourite athlete being Joshua Kimmich.
My brother was the person who turned me into a gamer. I used to have Xbox 360 before which was a great console but then i switched to PC for awhile and now I’m using a Playstation 4.
My current games are Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Fifa 19 and sometimes i even play fortnite. My all time Favourite games would be IGI 1 and Fifa 14. IGI 1 for being one of my first ever games and due to it being a game with beautiful graphics and fantastic gameplay at a time when first person shooter games were not as good as they are now & Fifa 14 because that’s where i started playing online fifa and got into the Online gaming world.
My favourite gaming memory was last year when i won the biggest Fifa 18 tournament held in the
city back in January. It was great because i was the youngest player in the tournament and everyone thought I’d be knocked out in the first stage but turned out i won every game of mine on a margin of 2 to 3 goals and surprised everyone with my fifa skills.
My Gaming Setup is a 4K TV (70 inches) and a 1TB PS4. Living in Afghanistan it’s hard enough to find a good internet connection so streaming is almost impossible to do.
I have also represented Afghanistan twice in the United Nations Conferences and was able to talk about the Education problems for girls which turned out very well and we were able to receive alot of help through my speech.
My dream is to become a Medical Doctor and be a Successful Invasive Cardiologist( heart Surgeon) & serve the poor people of Afghanistan and do everything possible i can for my people. My journey to my mission starts in September i will start going to university either somewhere in Asia or Europe. Most of the people when they get the opportunity to live abroad for a better life do not hesitate to think twice and just leave the country. But as they say everyone lives for himself, Live for others and then see. So my aim is to live for the people and do anything possible to build a healthy and a better Afghanistan.

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