Welcome to our regular blog feature that is dedicated to profiling one of our
community members.

We want to create a platform for our members to introduce themselves and
give a little background into their gaming and gaming choices.

Our first member profile is for a long standing member of our HIVE.

A member is who is very supportive in our discord server and a regular contributor.  He has recently taken charge of our Red Dead Redemption 2 category and will be working on growing the channel and building a strong community of cowboys and Cowgirls!

Adam Ali Rahim

Channel Manager – Red Dead Redemption 2

Hey everyone my name is Adam Ali Rahim, everyone knows me as Big Adz.

I reside in a little pace called Southend On Sea. Everyone asks me what it like living by the beach, honestly the novelty wears off. In winter the breeze is horrible!

I was born up north in Bradford but moved down here very young. I manage my Uncles Indian Takeaway and do the accounts for this place and his restuarant. I work pretty much every evening. When I’m not working I enjoy couple of drinks and clubbing with my mates I started off gaming when I got the first Xbox. I played a few old games in all honesty I was too young to remember. I then got a ps2 which I used to sneakily play red dead revolver and GTA on. Soon into high school I did paper round and paid half for a ps3 which I had up until last year. It was my life lol. Fifa and Call of Duty and GTA was all I ever played. Last year I bought myself a PS4 and shortly after got myself into The Gamer Hive.

Currently I have a PS4 slim which I play on my 55 inch 4k TV. I’m currently addicted to Red Dead but also play Black ops 4 and Fifa 19. I used to be a fortnite sweat but soon grew out of it. Gaming has always been a past time for me but recently I’ve looked at it from a different perspective now it’s just like an everyday task for me. I have to turn my ps4 on every day otherwise my day is not complete lol. That’s just a little bit about me. Anything you want to know hit me up !

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