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Have FUN!

With the Gamer Hive Gamer League

Our Community wide, one year during event on several games and game modes is a fact! weve started off with FORTNITE CHALLENGE #1 !!!

On this page youll find all info on the League including League Standings.


So good luck guys and girls and have some fun!


The Gamer Hive founders

Celebrate our anniversary with us!


The basic setup will be a two week challenge event every month where gamers will compete for best score/time/result etc in a specific challenge that will be detailed before each event.
You will have 2 weeks to try to achieve your best effort – but you can only submit 1 entry per event.

The entries will be validated by myself and results and league table will be published on our website along with details of the next event and start date.

The games will be pulled from the popular games currently being played and from the PS Plus back catalogue so the will be lots of opportunity to earn points.

In order to keep the league interesting and competitive we will be including “special surprise events” with catch up mechanics (a bit like double xp) where players can have the opportunity to earn bonus points and close in on the leaders.

Watch out for “flash events’ which could have at any time and may not necessarily be game related!!!!

We have some excellent Gamer Hive merch for the top 3 gamers at the end of the season and a Gamer Hive Wooden Spoon for the bottom participating gamer!

The Overall winner will be in line for a special prize – details to be confirmed!!


Fortnite Challenge #1

Highest placement in Battle Royale –
Submit your screenshot to prove placement. Must be able to see your results and eliminations and read your PSN/Username.


Its very easy to participate!
Scroll down to our Discord server links and join our community. From there go to the GHGL section and register there for the league! Thats it!

Offcoarse you need to play against all these players to win but he! LETS GO!

Gamer Hive Gamer League Standings

Gamer Hive Gamer League

PosTeamEvent 1Event 2Event 3Event 4Event 5Event 6Event 7Event 8Event 9Event 10Event 11Event 12TOTAL
2Adel Mujaddidi-------------
14Knight of Madness-------------
15Large Baguette-------------
16Lord Adam VIII-------------
26The System-------------
31triple C-------------

Find our Discord servers below

The Gamer Hive PS4 server logo

Main / PS4 server

This Discord server is our main server where we have the most members in. We’ve started as a PS4 community and this is where everything is happening.

The Gamer Hive PC server logo

PC server

During our growth from a PS4 only server there came in many more players on other platforms.
PC gamers are very welcome on this Discord server. Offcoarse your still welcome at one of our other communities.

The Gamer Hive XBOX server logo

XBOX server

This server is fairly new! But we really like to provide an “house” for every platform and XBOX is one of them. If your an XBOX gamer and looking for an awesome backbone then please join this server and contact one of the Founders.

Join one of our Discord servers:

The Gamer Hive

The Gamer Hive

The Gamer Hive

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