Destiny Forsaken: Black Armory Preview

Nov 12, 2018 | News

Author: Dash__Randar_

Black Armory Preview


With the upcoming first instalment for Annual Pass holders -we will take a brief look at some of the leaks and rumours currently circulating the world wide web.

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The Last Word….

Let us tackle this one first! Will TLW make a return to Destiny 2? I think we can be pretty much certain that the ultimate Hand Cannon will be making its return, however I cannot see it coming in the upcoming DLC Black Armory. The Last Word and Thorn are strongly linked in Lore to the drifter so I feel it makes more sense we will these the return of these weapons in the “Jokers Wild” DLC which is the second DLC is the series and this will be a Drifter focused DLC.


Let’s break the ice…





Reddit sources have also claimed that the popular D1 exotic sniper will make its long awaited return. The sniper was a fan favourite is D1, with the perk that it can regenerate ammo over time. This perk , however did also change the way players tackled certain aspects on PVE, choosing to hang back and use Icebreaker to avoid close quarters engagements. We will have to wait and see if this indeed does make a return in Black Armory.


Bungie have yet to shed any light of the upcoming details we can expect in the upcoming release, but this have stopped the hardcore community from finding sources and leaks from long time content revealers in reddit. We have already been informed that no new planet locations will be added over the course of the year, but sources suggest we can expect to see “bubble locations’ added to current destinations (similar to the shattered throne).  A new game mode has been suggested and the term ” forges of chain” has been mentioned. I guess we will have to wait for Bungie inevitable reveal stream and the new roadmap to be released. Whatever we see, the Destiny community are capable of devouring any content that Bungie can produce so lets all hope that there will be enough to see us through to the second instalment.  The last thing our community wants is another Destiny content drought.

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