One thing that you can guarantee from the Destiny franchise, is that together Activision and Bungie know how to promote their flagship title. From the original and first launch trailer all the way through to the Taken King and Destiny 2, the live action trailers are phenonmal, axting, soundtrack and production quality are outstanding. All three trailers are excellent and there are so many cut scenes of equally excellent quality but I can’t post them all!

I don’t think I have not enjoyed any of Bungie’s game trailers, but I have special affection for the live action content. I would like to share my 3 favourite Destiny Live Action moments…..I love them ¬†– especially the soundtracks!!!!

The above video was what first introduced me to the Destiny universe, I remember talking games with fellow Hive founder Skwatinnevil and he mention a new game to launch on PS4 that is something brandnew. I wasn’t sure at.first look but the trailer was epic and immediate bought the game, I’ve stuck with the game ever since and would dread to see how many hours I have put into the franchise.

Next up, and my personal favourite is the Taken King expansion for D1, this essential re-invented the game and transformed the player experience, the story was compelling and the hidden quests and objects to track down and weapons to find were something that had been lacking in the early version of the game.

Finally, the live action trailer from the early pre-launch for Destiny, this I feel, encapsulates Bungies talent for story telling and production, it is not the longest or the most action packed, but I reckon hits the nail on the head for the emotional grip that a game can create!

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