Warlock subclasses – Dawnblade, Stormcaller

Class Armor – Bond

Melee Force – Push

Specialties –  ‘Space Magic’

The Warlock is a Guardian Class in Destiny that specializes in combining ‘magic’ powers granted by The Traveler with modern weapons. Warlocks have long studied The Traveler, which gives rise to their ability to harness some of its powers. In appearance, Warlocks can be distinguished by their rounded helmets and long vestments.

Trivia – Bungie stated that the Warlock class is meant to be reminiscent of the ‘space wizard’ citing as influences the Star Wars series Jedi Knights, The Lord of the Rings series Gandalf and The Matrix series ‘Morpheus’ for outfit designs, attire worn by trench soldiers in World War 1 was a source of inspiration.



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