Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Welcome to the latest chapter in the Destiny following the hugely anticipated sequel to Bungie’s blockbuster game. It does seems like Destiny 2 is finally finding its groove.  The well received second expansion Warmind did a great job improving the game which had been the subject of criticism. This and the recent Bungie Summit involving a representation of the community have hinted at further incoming improvements both at quality of life and content!

The future is bright, the future is Forsaken!

Just prior to this years E3, bungie teased the name and an image of their forthcoming DLC release.


Due to be release September 4th. Bungie have stated that this will be the biggest expansion that they will have delivered. If this means bigger than Destiny 1 The Taken King, then Destiny players are in for a treat. The reveal trailer hints that the game is following a significantly darker tone, with what appears to be the end of a much loved character. Check out the reveal trailer below!

This expansion appears to have won over many of the critics. So I expect a lot of focus over the coming weeks. The DLC will cost £39.99 and Bungie have also release their Year 2 plans with 3 further content releases for those who have purchased the Annual pass.

And so my watch begins. As a self confessed Destiny addict the next 3 months promise to be long, at least I have the inevitable speculation videos and developer ‘leaks’ to keep me hyped. Who will join me in my quest for revenge. Join our thriving friendly discord community. Our community is full of like minded friendly gamers. We support many games including Destiny 2, Call of Duty and Fortnite.

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