Another BR?

WOW! – This is what I thought when I first heard on twitter that we were going to get this game.

Another battle royal?! With both Fortnite and Call of Duty Blackout  both enjoying a measure of success in this genre I could not think of how another BR could find a gap  this crowed gaming space.

Horse riding on RDR2

Battle Royale Supremo?


Is this just another Fortnite, or a blackout clone? The answer, we discovered is neither. This is an extremely fast-paced, high octane shooter and a whole lot of fun. As an entry point – this game is fantastic as the payer population and the twitch directory can confirm.

No need for a review!

I thought a long time about whether to post a full review of what we at The Gamer Hive think of Apex and to be honest I do not think a review is necessary.

The game is a BR, it is free to play. It had over 10 million players in the first 72 hours and 25 million just a week later. This speaks for itself. At the Gamer Hive we boast a few players that are ranked in the top ten in the world and have a very healthy and active group of Apex players.

We are currently look to recruit some competitive players if your interested then please find your way to our Discord Server.


Incoming news:


Apex Legends launched with 8 playable characters, 6 were free to play and 2 could be unlocked via purchase of the in-game currency. We have just learned of a potential new Legend due to arrive imminently.

Meet Octane:




Octane is rumoured to be the next Legend to be released into the Apex wild and we have heard this will be around 12th March, so not long to wait.  Instagram user @childz_pl4y leaked some details online

Octane certainly appears to live up to his name judging by the images and the abilities. and looks certain to increase the speed of this already fast-paced game.  This was not the only rumour of new legends that will be joining the cast. Data miners have also discovered the names of two new potential legends – Prophet and Watson. We don’t have much in the way of detail on these characters but will the upcoming launch of the battle pass and the new seasons, then we are sure news will follow.

Official Trailer

Check out the launch trailer!


Game play footage  – also don’t forget to join our Discord server for more photos and videos our very own legends.

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