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The Gamer Hive community aims to provide a safe and friendly social gaming environment. It is founded on the principles of supporting each and every member and to ensure gaming remains a fun and friendly experience.  We are a growing and active international community with gamers of all levels, ranging from strictly casual gamers with limited time through to Twitch and Youtubers who are a great asset to the community and regular help and offer advice to new members.

At The Gamer Hive, we want our members to feel like they belong as we love to keep our members together regardless of the game they are playing, we understand that gaming habits can and will change so at The Gamer Hive we do our best to move along with the gaming trends our react to our members requirements. Our current focused games are Call of Duty, Destiny 2 and The Division 2, but we do look to support most of the popular games such as fortnite and lots of others. We are gamers first, however we also have non-gamers which have joined and requested to stay! All who share our ethos are welcome and we would be happy to welcome more players from Xbox or PC which now have their own dedicated space within our community Discord.

We are currently recruiting members to join our community who are passionate about video games and socialising with likeminded people. Our main social platform is our very active Discord server where all members communicate and arrange games and upload clips etc and chat with other community members.  We will soon be launching our web and blog when we will have a platform for members to promote themselves.

So if you are looking for a community or clan which is focused on fun and friendly gaming and social experiences then The Gamer Hive is the place to be.

Contribute to The Gamer Hive?

Awesome! But first we like to know you a bit better..
The best way to contribute is to join our Discord server and be active on there then send a message to one of the Founders that you want to contribute. We will get back to you with a plan.






Hello Hive Gamer’s i have been gaming since the early 80’s so i have a vast wealth of knowledge in the world of gaming! I always have a top three selection of games i usually swap and play at the same time, at this moment in time i am playing God of War (amazing) Call of Duty WW2 and Burnout Paradise (remastered) oh i also play on the PS4. i also own a few more games that i enjoy these are, Last of Us, GTA5, Overwatch, Witcher 3, Dirt4, Shadow of the Colossus, Injustice 2, Isle of Man TT, Destiny 2 as you can tell i am a versatile gamer! anyway enough about me i hope you all love our gaming community as much as i do and don’t forget to send me your GT and we will play some games together! Skwatinnevil1974.



Hey everyone! As your community manager I am responsible for the supervision of our Discord server, I also love to contribute to the chat here and there! I am also a graphic and webdesigner and will serve you guys and girls epic graphics (at least i hope they are epic 😉 I mostly play Call of Duty WW2 and sometimes The Division, I’m not a pro gamer, I like to destress and play some video games. I live in the Netherlands with my Mrs and daughter. If you have any questions regarding our Discord, website or grapics please contact me! Happy gaming all!!

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