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One year anniversary

First let us start with thanks to all members who have joined us this year!

we are really grateful to have you all in our community!
This year we grow over 600% in our members count what an amazing achievement! 
For this year we have mapped out great plans to have an even better year then 2018 with lots of content and lots of gaming together! We will announce all these news very soon!! so stay tuned!
(and if you’re not a member yet.. Joins us!  😉 )

The Gamer Hive founders

Celebrate our anniversary with us!

Party with us to celebrate our anniversary!
its really simple! share our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use #hive1year if you do but also every game related post you make on any social media platform!

We will reward the person with the most shares with an item from our Merchstore 



One of our goals is to host several events on a variety of platforms for example multiple legendary quiznights on our Discord server or Call of Duty tournament on Playstation 4 but also a photo challenge on Instagram.
So a lot of new events for you to take your part! Stay tuned!


We have a special streamer section in our Discord for all streamers among us. We acknowledge that there are many streamers who needs their audience and we can provide a good house for that.
We also setup a host schedule on Twitch for those who support The Gamer Hive.

Beside the tools for streamers we have big plans to start a all gaming show on Youtube and Twitch our selfs.


We are working on several partners to provide our members with a great discount or awesome benefits.

To give you even more benefits its important to help us grow the community bigger so we can attract beter partners!

Find our Discord servers below

The Gamer Hive PS4 server logo

Main / PS4 server

This Discord server is our main server where we have the most members in. We’ve started as a PS4 community and this is where everything is happening.

The Gamer Hive PC server logo

PC server

During our growth from a PS4 only server there came in many more players on other platforms.
PC gamers are very welcome on this Discord server. Offcoarse your still welcome at one of our other communities.

The Gamer Hive XBOX server logo

XBOX server

This server is fairly new! But we really like to provide an “house” for every platform and XBOX is one of them. If your an XBOX gamer and looking for an awesome backbone then please join this server and contact one of the Founders.

The Gamer Hive

Gaming community for you!
Join our Discord server by clicking button below.

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