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Latest News

Improvements Discord server

Improvements Discord server

Hello Everyone! We have a very big and important announcement for you!
The last few weeks we have been busy working on improvements to our Discord server.
There are no visible changes yet, but that is going to change soon! By soon, we mean at the end of this week.

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The Gamer Hive Podcast

The Gamer Hive Podcast

After a short break the Gamer Hive podcast has returned in all its glory to discuss everything gaming,and maybe get side-tracked along the way to more obscure topics of conversations.   What do we think of the latest game news? We talk in depth about new game...

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Mental Health Month at the HIVE

Mental Health Month at the HIVE

Mental health and wellbeing is a topic that is more common today than it has ever been in terms of regular discussion. What used to be a very misunderstood area of health is finally being given the attention that it deserves. At the Gamer Hive, we pride ourselves on...

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